Hill Walking

Hill Walking Outline -

With options for guided trips and advise, this sections gives you a chance to just walk in the company of a qualified "Host" up to being taught how to map read in simple bite size steps in your local area up to mini expeds to "coach" your team members camp craft, map reading skills (day and night), pacing, equipment packing, river crossings, group management and rope skills.

Where and When? -

Its up to your requirements where you need to go, it could be your local area that you always know, but have not necessarily explored that much due to 'just not getting out there...'.  Or it can be further a field.  Perhaps, you need training towards an Mountain Leader Summer (MLS) award that you need guidance and coaching for.  Virtually, available all year round in all weathers.


What's provided? -

Time with qualified hosts, route planning, time appreciation and equipment guidance.  You need to provide your basic walking gear and transport to selected location of training.  Specialist equipment if you progressing onto Via Ferattas etc can be provided.  See 'Via Feratta' section.