Welcome to the Coasteering/Climbing/Abseiling info page

Acknowledgement of risk for Coasteering -

Coasteering involves traversing rocky coastlines, swimming in caves, jumping from rocks and operating in and around moving tidal waters.

This is an incredibly dynamic environment that is always changing, even over the course of a session.

Our Instructors are highly trained and experienced in monitoring and adapting to these conditions and every effort is made to assess the forecast prior to every session. 

You will be required to spend extended periods of time in the water, make long, unaided swims up to 50m and enter the water with confidence from varying heights.

You can expect to be swimming through breaking waves and tidal currents, as well as moving across rocky ledges, through these waves.

You must be confident in being in the water and swimming at least 50m in open water conditions, wearing a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid.


You may get the occasional scrape on the rocks which could require basic first aid.

Activity T&C's

Here are the simple terms and conditions:


Payment terms;


A non refundable deposit of 10% is taken via BACS. 


Full payment is required 6 weeks prior 




If you cancel your deposit is lost 


If you cancel between 4-6 weeks 50% refund minus deposit 


If you cancel inside 4 weeks 20% refund minus deposit 


If you cancel inside 2 weeks 0% refund  


If you are on the PM session 1230-1530hrs, several times participants have been over 30 mins late.

Checking your Sat nav the day before at 22hrs isn’t the same as a busy sunny weekend.


Allow an hour above the stated Sat nav time and have a early brunch in Swanage at "Pier 1859" cafe perhaps. 


If you arrive later than 10 mins the session would have started without you and you have to rebook - get up earlier!


Locations of activities - Coasteering/Climbing


LOCATION IS AT postcode - “Jim Oakley adventures” using google maps.

DO NOT USE THE POOLE / SANDBANKS CHAIN FERRY as you'll end up in a queue.  Even if you miss it and your at the FRONT (Unlikely) of the queue, you'll wait another 20 mins for the next ferry


Kit required for Coasteering -


1. Whilst your Coasteering you'll wear one of our wetsuits. You need to bring to wear underneath your wetsuit:

Swimsuit / trunks

Long sleeved high collar thermal top or rash vest

Wetsuit socks Mar, Apr & Nov 

Normal socks at all other times

Trainers you don't mind getting wet in (no crocs, Riva flipflops or wet shoes as these fall off in the waves!!)

Some simple cheap gloves (£2.99 from B&Q perhaps - not required in months of Jun -Sep)


Bring in car -

Flip flops to wear after you've taken off your wetsuit at end of session


Warm clothing

Waterproof jacket

Pint of wine or Prosecco.. joking !


In a small daysack to carry down with you -

Woolly hat and gloves (subject to weather)

Flask of tea/coffee

Pint of wine 👀

Water and chocolate bar

500ml water


In summer months of Jun to Sep no need to bring a daysack just bring water down


2. We provide 5/4mm Tiki wetsuits, Buoyancy aids, Helmet and sometimes wetsuit socks and skull hats to keep your head warm. (Winter months)


3.  Min age is 7/8yrs (but MUST be over 130cm) and max is 69yrs, however, you must be no larger than 6ft 5" and 110kg/17st. as they don't make wetsuits in the Tiki, Circle ONE or Crewsaver range bigger than this....


4. If you are late the session starts without you.


5. Contact lenses - a few times last season participants with contacts lenses wore either swimming goggles over the top.... OR dependant on their sight they swam closer to the instructor.  Its all dependant on the waves.  Obviously, you do jump in up to 24ft (optional) off some ledges, closing eyes does work for the majority of contact lens wearers....


6.  There is a 22mins walk (1.4km) from the car park to the activity site once you have met your instructor and been issued wetsuits, with the return journey taking up to 35mins for some.......as its a hill back up


7.  You will be getting changed in a public NT car park, no toilets, just bushes and the great outdoors !


8. Date changes - if you change your date inside 28 days from your planned session an admin surcharge of £10 per participant will be charged.


9. If you change your expected numbers participating and only turn up with 6 rather than 8 for example, You pay the price of 8 as we’ve not sold those places you’ve cancelled.

There are different prices for different numbers participating. 


9a. If you "NO SHOW UP" as its a little cold, not sunny, car breakdown or got stuck in traffic.  You loose the session and have to rebook at the standard rate for Coasteering.  Think of it like a flight for your holiday.  All the other passengers want to partake at their chosen time too.


10. CANCELLATION - You'll be notified by email or text or phone if session is cancelled due to weather.

We will notify you between 12-24hrs prior to the session as the UK weather is a variable moving beast for all outdoor activities.

A full 100% refund is given. 




1.  All the same as above, if you have your own climbing harness or climbing shoes please bring them.


2.  No need to bring swimwear!


Thank you for spending 2 mins reading this..





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