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Dancing Ledge - Jul 20
Dancing Ledge - Jul 20

Coasteering in Dorset with Jim Oakley Adventures offers coasteering for individuals, families and groups.


Coasteering at Dorset’s premier location, offering the following:


  • Warm 5/4mm Tiki Adventure wetsuits
  • Helmets
  • Bouyancy aids 

Instructors with:

  • VHF emergency radios
  • Throw lines
  • 1st aid kit
  • Group shelter
  • Water/high energy food 
  • Warm clothing. 

Jim Oakley Adventures also do combi climbing and Dorset coasteering sessions where you can climb in the morning then coasteering in the afternoon and its only 2hrs from London.

Swim, climb and jump off the rugged coastal terrain of Dorset. Visit rarely explored caves, tunnels and plunge pools with Dorsets biggest and best coasteering provider

Jim Oakley adventures use a variety of sites within a short journey of Poole, Bournemouth, Swanage and Weymouth.  Offering morning, afternoon, evening and moonlight sessions




Specialisiing in small groups, particularly familes with ages from 7* - 69yrs old we can offer a unique tailor made package to suit your requirements.


* - MUST be over 130cm  

For more Info call & bookings call: 07969 970 341    

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